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Ovulation Kit with Test Strips - A Cheap Ovulation Test Solution

An ovulation kit is for use in monitoring the ovulation cycle for couples trying to conceive (TTC). Our ovulation kits are great inexpensive tests to be used for planned pregnancy.

Each ovulation kit is designed to monitor increase in Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in urine. LH is a gonadotropin usually present in blood and urine with highest concentrations at 24-48 hours before the release of fertile egg. This condition is also commonly referred to as LH Surge and is a useful for timing of sexual intercourse, and ultimately conception.

Our ovulation kit with test strips are provided internationally at manufacturer direct wholesale prices, providing a cheap ovulation kits alternative. Whether it is clinical or home application, these ovulation tests are useful tools for urine pre-screening purposes that show easy to read and accurate results within just minutes.

Ovulation Kit Strip

Ovulation Kit Test Strips

  • Best value - a cheap ovulation kit solution. To perform a test, ovulation test strips are dipped in a urine sample for 5 seconds.
  • 99% accurate results in under 5 minutes.
  • Lightweight for cheap international shipping.
  • Designed for professional and home users.
  • Enclosed in a moisture proof pouch with a desiccant for long term storage (up to 24 months).
$0.43 - $0.70 each! Buy Pregnancy Tests

Other Formats

Our ovulation kit comes in 3 different formats, which all perform according to the same chemical reaction. Each has there are own advantages, but we recommend the ovulation test strip because of its compact size, affordability, and great value - making them a cheap ovulation kit solution, while maintaining top quality. You can also check out our cassettes and midstreams for other options.

Fertility Monitor Kit

If you are trying to get pregnant, we recommend you purchase a Fertility Monitor Kit. Each of the kits includes both an ovulation kit and a home pregnancy test kit. This is an ideal solution for couples trying to conceive, allowing you to monitor ovulation to find the best time to conceive, then test just days later to check for success. To view the packages available, please go to our order page, and you will be presented with our fertility monitor kits (under Combo Packages).

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